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  • Making Meaningful Math

    Portrait: Shay LoganLike Medieval astronomers, today's mathematicians select certain models over others. Shay Logan, doctoral student of philosophy, studies how mathematics communities determine which formulas are valuable. "When mathematicians reflect on their discipline, they look to philosophers," he says. Learn more.

  • Serving up good news about food

    Lunch tray with broccoli on itIn a much publicized study, psychology professor Traci Mann and four University of Minnesota colleagues have found a sly way to get kids to eat more vegetables. And that work has led to another study of overcoming picky eating—how to get astronauts to eat more while they're in space. Continue reading...

  • Breaking into thought

    William WimsattScience advances by way of approximations, errors and biases—not despite them. This is one of William Wimsatt's iconoclastic opinions. Continue reading...

  • Where Phi Met Sci

    Mike Travisano and Ken WatersMixing scientific and liberal arts thinking lets scientists and philosophers ask the big questions that lead to path-breaking science—and philosophy. Continue reading…

    The Visible Benefits of Invisible Social Support

    Portrait: Jeff SimpsonPsychology professor Jeff Simpson explains that often, the most effective acts of support are those that are not so obvious. Continue reading…

  • Defining Happiness

    Portrait: Valerie Tiberius. Valerie Tiberius is all about happiness. A philosophy professor, she's spent years describing happiness and exploring the circumstances that produce it.
    Continue reading…


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