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  • National Award Bestowed To Pine City Planner

    Portrait: Nathan JohnsonUrban studies alumnus Nathan Johnson, Pine City's city planner, has been named the 2014 Outstanding Small Town and Rural Planner for his leadership in planning, in providing better access to local government, and in providing more opportunities for Pine City and its constituency. Learn more

CLA recognizes Alumni of Notable Achievement for 2011

Back row, L to R: Wayne A. Pederson, Ronald "Ron" J. Leaf, Linda R. Finley, Dr. Lance R. Wilson, Hon. William J. Garvelink, Michael J. Phillips, James "Jim" W. Burke, Jr., William "Billy" J. Golfus, Priscilla Williams, Wendy Williams BlackshawFront row, L to R: Robert "Bob" E. Engstrom, Dr. Joe W. Trotter, Judith McCartin Scheide, John Risdall, Gail E. Marks-Jarvis, Roberta J. Berner, Marianna Muellerleile, Kimberly "Kim" L. OlsonNot pictured, Eileen M. Lach and Raymond J. TarletonThe CLA Alumni of Notable Achievement (ANA) program was created in 1994 as part of CLA's 125th anniversary to celebrate and honor the significant achievements and contributions of college alumni. All ANA honorees have been nominated by CLA alumni, faculty, and staff.Of the College's 120,000 living graduates, approximately 1,300 have been selected as recipients. By honoring its alumni, CLA recognizes and celebrates not only their singular accomplishments but also the collective depth and breadth of their interests, talents, career paths and achievements in all sectors of society.See a list of all CLA Alumni of Notable Achievment. Roberta J. Berner (M.A. '77, American studies), dedicated non-profit leader and advocate for senior citizens Wendy Williams Blackshaw (B.A. '82, speech communication), esteemed Twin Cities marketing and public relations leader James "Jim" W. Burke, Jr. (B.A. '82, speech communication), successful film and television producer
 Robert E. Engstrom (B.A. '55, interdepartmental), nationally recognized leader in sustainable residential development
 Linda R. Finley (B.A. '83, speech communication), skilled expert in organizational leadership and governance
 Hon. William J. Garvelink (M.A. '74, history), career diplomat and U.S. Ambassador William "Billy" J. Golfus (A.L.A. '68; B.A. '71, humanities; M.A. '89, speech communication), esteemed journalist, filmmaker, and nationally recognized advocate for disabled individuals
 Ronald "Ron" J. Leaf (B.S. '81, economics), innovative investor and leader in the Midwestern venture capital sector
 Gail E. Marks-Jarvis (B.A. '73, journalism), venerated journalist, author, and nationally recognized expert on economics and personal finance Eileen M. Lach (B.A. '77, international relations), respected attorney in the fields of international corporate and commercial law Marianne Muellerleile (M.F.A. '79, theatre arts), accomplished character actress of stage, television, and film
Kimberly L. Olson (B.A., '88, journalism), veteran public relations professional and corporate executive Wayne A. Pederson (Bachelor '69, psychology), successful broadcasting leader and media ministry expert Michael J. Phillips (B.A. '84, theatre arts and journalism), nationally respected theater, arts, and film journalist John Risdall (B.A. '68, speech communication and humanities), exemplar of advertising, public relations, and corporate and community leadership 
Judith "Judy" McCartin-Scheide (M.A. '62, English), respected development professional and civic volunteer 
Raymond J. Tarleton (B.A. '48, chemistry; M.A. '52, mass communication), outstanding leader in the fields of plant chemistry and communications Joe W. Trotter, Jr. (M.A. '78, history; Ph.D. '80, history), distinguished scholar in urban, labor, and African American history and champion of public history Priscilla Williams (Bachelor '71, child psychology), successful entrepreneur and Twin Cities child care industry leader Lance R. Wilson (M.A. '72, sociology; Ph.D. '74, sociology), respected information technology executive May 18th, 2011
  • CLA Recognizes Alumni of Notable Achievement for 2014

    Group photo of CLA alumni of notable achievement honorees for 2014On March 27, 2014, the College honored 15 alumni who have made remarkable contributions or attained significant achievements in their fields. Continue reading…

  • English Alumna Matches Wits with Student Interns

    Portrait: Student intern Sam Segal (left) with English almuna Larissa AndersonAmerican Public Media's wildly successful nationally syndicated comedy and music variety show Wits is produced by Department of English alumna Larissa Anderson, who turned to her alma mater when she needed help with the show's production. The result? An exclusive internship program. English majors David Segal and Jillian Jacobs (pictured with Larissa Anderson) are getting hands-on [experience] as they explore their own interests in radio production, live performance, and comedy writing.. Continue reading…

  • Sexual Politics

    Portrait: Kate MillettRejecting patriarchy is the sine qua non for human freedom. English alumna Kate Millett's Sexual Poltics paved the way for later generations of feminists. Continue reading…

  • A Champion of Change

    Wanjiru Kamau-RutenbergAs a graduate student in political science at the University of Minnesota, Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg studied obstacles to African women's access to decision-making positions in public life. She now works as a scholar and an activist in the United States and Kenya and was named director of the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development. Continue reading…

  • There When the Troops Come Home

    Picture of Scott LitmanScott Litman spends his days on the cutting edge of digital marketing and promotion, creating social media systems and web search optimization.

    Litman speaks about his non-profit venture, the Minnesota Military Appreciation Fund, which raises money for troops returning from overseas. Continue reading…


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Portrait: Erica Giorgi, CLA Development and Alumni Relations

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